Package NeoVisionaries.WebSockets

High-quality WebSocket client implementation in Java. This implementation
  • complies with RFC 6455 (The WebSocket Protocol),
  • works on Java SE 1.5+ and Android,
  • supports all the frame types (continuation, binary, text, close, ping and pong),
  • provides a method to send a fragmented frame in addition to methods for unfragmented frames,
  • provides a method to get the underlying raw socket of a WebSocket to configure it,
  • provides a method for Basic Authentication,
  • provides a factory class which utilizes SocketFactory interface,
  • provides a rich listener interface to hook WebSocket events,
  • has fine-grained error codes for fine-grained controllability on errors,
  • allows to disable validity checks on RSV1/RSV2/RSV3 bits and opcode of frames,
  • supports HTTP proxy, especially "Secure WebSocket" (wss) through "Secure Proxy" (https),
  • and supports RFC 7692 (Compression Extensions for WebSocket), also known as permessage-deflate (not enabled by default).

See the description of WebSocket class for usage. The source code is hosted at GitHub.

For Maven: