Class Network.Response

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      Response​(String url, int status, String statusText, JsonObject headers, String headersText, String mimeType, JsonObject requestHeaders, String requestHeadersText, boolean connectionReused, Number connectionId, String remoteIPAddress, Integer remotePort, Boolean fromDiskCache, Boolean fromServiceWorker, Boolean fromPrefetchCache, Number encodedDataLength, Network.ResourceTiming timing, String serviceWorkerResponseSource, Number responseTime, String cacheStorageCacheName, String protocol, String securityState, Network.SecurityDetails securityDetails)
      Response​(JsonObject jo)
      JSON Object Constructor
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      boolean[] optionals()
      Implementing this method allows sub-classes to specify which JSON Properties may be absent or null.
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      • Response

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        public Response​(java.lang.String url,
                        int status,
                        java.lang.String statusText,
                        JsonObject headers,
                        java.lang.String headersText,
                        java.lang.String mimeType,
                        JsonObject requestHeaders,
                        java.lang.String requestHeadersText,
                        boolean connectionReused,
                        java.lang.Number connectionId,
                        java.lang.String remoteIPAddress,
                        java.lang.Integer remotePort,
                        java.lang.Boolean fromDiskCache,
                        java.lang.Boolean fromServiceWorker,
                        java.lang.Boolean fromPrefetchCache,
                        java.lang.Number encodedDataLength,
                        Network.ResourceTiming timing,
                        java.lang.String serviceWorkerResponseSource,
                        java.lang.Number responseTime,
                        java.lang.String cacheStorageCacheName,
                        java.lang.String protocol,
                        java.lang.String securityState,
                        Network.SecurityDetails securityDetails)
        url - Response URL. This URL can be different from CachedResource.url in case of redirect.
        status - HTTP response status code.
        statusText - HTTP response status text.
        headers - HTTP response headers.
        headersText - HTTP response headers text. This has been replaced by the headers in Network.responseReceivedExtraInfo.
        mimeType - Resource mimeType as determined by the browser.
        requestHeaders - Refined HTTP request headers that were actually transmitted over the network.
        requestHeadersText - HTTP request headers text. This has been replaced by the headers in Network.requestWillBeSentExtraInfo.
        connectionReused - Specifies whether physical connection was actually reused for this request.
        connectionId - Physical connection id that was actually used for this request.
        remoteIPAddress - Remote IP address.
        remotePort - Remote port.
        fromDiskCache - Specifies that the request was served from the disk cache.
        fromServiceWorker - Specifies that the request was served from the ServiceWorker.
        fromPrefetchCache - Specifies that the request was served from the prefetch cache.
        encodedDataLength - Total number of bytes received for this request so far.
        timing - Timing information for the given request.
        serviceWorkerResponseSource - Response source of response from ServiceWorker.
        responseTime - The time at which the returned response was generated.
        cacheStorageCacheName - Cache Storage Cache Name.
        protocol - Protocol used to fetch this request.
        securityState - Security state of the request resource.
        securityDetails - Security details for the request.
      • Response

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        public Response​(JsonObject jo)
        JSON Object Constructor
        jo - A Json-Object having data about an instance of 'Response'.
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      • optionals

        public boolean[] optionals()
        Description copied from class: BaseType
        Implementing this method allows sub-classes to specify which JSON Properties may be absent or null. When binding a JsonObject to a Java-Object, if some of the expected fields for the Java-Object map to Properties which might be left-out or omitted, then that may be indicated by setting that fields array position TRUE.

        NOTE: This array should have a length equal to the number of fields contained by the Java Object. The first boolean in the array should specify whether the first Object Field may by absent. The second boolean should specify whether the second Object Field is optional in the JSON - and so on and so forth...
        Specified by:
        optionals in class BaseType
        A boolean[] array whose length is precisely equal to the number of fields in the Java Object.