Class SkewedParameters

  • public class SkewedParameters
    extends java.lang.Object
    Process Java Doc Web-Page: Does some repair on the Code-Signatures in both the Detail-Sections, and the Summary-Sections.

    JD-Upgrader Internally Used Class, Methods are Package-Private

    There is largely no use for these methods outside of the Java Doc Upgrader Application. Little Java-Doc Style Documentation will be provided here. The code itself (and code comments) may be viewed using the HiLited Source Code Button in the Navigation-Bar, or the URL-Link that is lower on this page.

    To see how this Upgrader Application class works, click the HiLited Source Code Link above.

    'Long Parameter Lists' make the Java-Doc output look really awful, even bizarre. This class inserts new-lines (<BR>\n Elements)into a JavaDoc file where the return parameters are using 80% of the output frame/divider screen width.

Stateless Class: This class neither contains any program-state, nor can it be instantiated. The @StaticFunctional Annotation may also be called 'The Spaghetti Report'. Static-Functional classes are, essentially, C-Styled Files, without any constructors or non-static member field. It is very similar to the Java-Bean @Stateless Annotation.
  • 1 Constructor(s), 1 declared private, zero-argument constructor
  • 4 Method(s), 4 declared static
  • 9 Field(s), 9 declared static, 9 declared final

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    • Field Detail


        public static final int TD_MAX_CHARACTERS
        Maximum length of a character-string representing the "Return Value" HTML '<TD>' Element in a "Method Summaries" Section before this class will insert HTML newline ('<BR />') Elements. Also is the maximum-length of the "Field-Type" String for a '<TD>' Element of "Field Summaries" Section before this class will impose the "Insert Commas and HTML <BR /> (newline) feature.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public static final int TD_MAX_CHARACTERS = 35;

        public static final int MAX_SIG_LINE_LENGTH
        Maximum length of a line of the signature in a "Method Details" Section before this class will invoke the "Clean Up Method Signatures" method.
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        Constant Field Values
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public static final int MAX_SIG_LINE_LENGTH = 75;