Data File: Event Attributes and Descriptions Contents

This table is produced by an invokation to the method:

Iterator<Map.Entry<String, String>> iter = InnerTags.eventAttributeAndCategoriesIterator();
while (iter.hasNext()) ...

Event AttributeCategory
onabort media events
onafterprint window events
onbeforeprint window events
onbeforeunload window events
onblur form events
oncanplay media events
oncanplaythrough media events
onchange form events
onclick mouse events
oncontextmenu form events
oncopy clipboard events
oncuechange media events
oncut clipboard events
ondblclick mouse events
ondrag drag events
ondragend drag events
ondragenter drag events
ondragleave drag events
ondragover drag events
ondragstart drag events
ondrop drag events
ondurationchange media events
onemptied media events
onended media events
onerror media events
onfocus form events
onhashchange window events
oninput form events
oninvalid form events
onkeydown keyboard events
onkeypress keyboard events
onkeyup keyboard events
onload window events
onloadeddata media events
onloadedmetadata media events
onloadstart media events
onmessage window events
onmousedown mouse events
onmousemove mouse events
onmouseout mouse events
onmouseover mouse events
onmouseup mouse events
onmousewheel mouse events
onoffline window events
ononline window events
onpagehide window events
onpageshow window events
onpaste clipboard events
onpause media events
onplay media events
onplaying media events
onpopstate window events
onprogress media events
onratechange media events
onreset form events
onresize window events
onscroll drag events
onsearch form events
onseeked media events
onseeking media events
onselect form events
onstalled media events
onstorage window events
onsubmit form events
onsuspend media events
ontimeupdate media events
ontoggle misc events
onunload window events
onvolumechange media events
onwaiting media events
onwheel mouse events