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    This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

    public interface SectionGet
    extends java.util.function.Function<java.util.Vector<HTMLNode>,​java.util.Vector<HTMLNode>>
    A functional-interface for returning the portion of the page that contains the list of images on the site - usually one line from the Node-Search Package classes.

    Should retrieve a sub-portion or sub-section of an HTML Page. This interface inherits Java's Simple Function<T, U> - where 'T' and 'U' are both of type Vector<HTMLNode>. In the Java-HTML JAR Library, a variable of type Vector<HTMLNode> is usually refered to as a Vectorized-HTML.

    The lamda-target method is simply named 'apply', and accepts a single Vectorized-HTML parameter. This method should then extract a sub-section of that web-page which contains photos or pictures so that they may be downloaded and extracted. This extracted section should be returned from the lambda-target method.

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        andThen, apply, compose
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        static final long serialVersionUID
        This fulfils the SerialVersion UID requirement for all classes that implement Java's interface Using the Serializable Implementation offered by java is very easy, and can make saving program state when debugging a lot easier. It can also be used in place of more complicated systems like "hibernate" to store data as well.

        Functional Interfaces are usually not thought of as Data Objects that need to be saved, stored and retrieved; however, having the ability to store intermediate results along with the lambda-functions that helped get those results can make debugging easier.
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         public static final long serialVersionUID = 1;