Class Network.requestWillBeSent

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        public requestWillBeSent​(java.lang.String requestId,
                                 java.lang.String loaderId,
                                 java.lang.String documentURL,
                                 Network.Request request,
                                 java.lang.Number timestamp,
                                 java.lang.Number wallTime,
                                 Network.Initiator initiator,
                                 boolean redirectHasExtraInfo,
                                 Network.Response redirectResponse,
                                 java.lang.String type,
                                 java.lang.String frameId,
                                 java.lang.Boolean hasUserGesture)
        requestId - Request identifier.
        loaderId - Loader identifier. Empty string if the request is fetched from worker.
        documentURL - URL of the document this request is loaded for.
        request - Request data.
        timestamp - Timestamp.
        wallTime - Timestamp.
        initiator - Request initiator.
        redirectHasExtraInfo - In the case that redirectResponse is populated, this flag indicates whether requestWillBeSentExtraInfo and responseReceivedExtraInfo events will be or were emitted for the request which was just redirected.
        redirectResponse - Redirect response data.
        type - Type of this resource.
        frameId - Frame identifier.
        hasUserGesture - Whether the request is initiated by a user gesture. Defaults to false.
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      • optionals

        public boolean[] optionals()
        Description copied from class: BaseType
        Implementing this method allows sub-classes to specify which JSON Properties may be absent or null. When binding a JsonObject to a Java-Object, if some of the expected fields for the Java-Object map to Properties which might be left-out or omitted, then that may be indicated by setting that fields array position TRUE.

        NOTE: This array should have a length equal to the number of fields contained by the Java Object. The first boolean in the array should specify whether the first Object Field may by absent. The second boolean should specify whether the second Object Field is optional in the JSON - and so on and so forth...
        Specified by:
        optionals in class BaseType
        A boolean[] array whose length is precisely equal to the number of fields in the Java Object.