Package Torello.Browser

Allows a user to start up a headless browser, and use the API that it exports to manipulate the browser. Commands may be sent to the browser using any one of the Primary Domain classes provided in this package. The methods in each of these Primary Domains return results, and can also generate events that the user may receive. Each domain has a long list of events and types that may be used with these methods.

This API is entirely auto-generated Java Code that has been produced from the Headless Google Chrome API that Chrome provides. This API may be used Chrome, or with Interne Explorer which now also uses the same Chrome Engine in its browser core.

Note, the Primary Launch Pad for using this API is from class BRDPC. In that class you may open a browser and initiate a connection. From that point, simply pick and choose any method provided by the list of "Domain Classes" which offer a series of command. Any command accepting "Optional Parameters" will accept a null into the parameter's value.

This package can also be used to drive / control a non-headless browser that is sitting, open, on your desktop.