Package Torello.Java

This package is largely a "helper & utility" package to the HTML scrape routines. 'FileRW' make forgetting about the file-system a lot easier. 'FileNode' loads the directory-tree of the underlying file-system into memory, and facilitates traversing that tree with anything from java.util.Vector to

Code HiLiting, and the JavaDoc Tool polls a server called 'HiLite.ME' easily and automatically.. Much of the classes in this package wind up seeming like a series of "college notes" or possiblly "research notes" for familiarizing oneself with Java. The class 'EXCC' which may seem trivial, helps when a complex exception with a large 'cause chain' is thrown. The code itself is only around 20 lines of Java Code.

There are almost a dozen basic utility classes in this package. The String routines are copious enough to simplify some of the things that are done with HTML News pages. Two of them are created by Code Generators (StrIndexOf and StrTokIndexOf). If the number of methods provided seems superfluous, you don't have to use them. However, writing something once, so it may be forgotten is how to improve JAR libraries.