• public class EXPORT_PORTAL
    extends java.lang.Object
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Have a "rocket science" moment, and accept that this file **REALLY** IS **NOT** Rocket-Science! All this is doing is facilitating the "preservation" of the PACKAGE-PRIVATE levels of privacy on these methods, fields and constructors after "The Big Move"

    Note that "The Big Move" was putting all of the classes that were deemed "HTML Processors" because their functioning as performing modifications to JavaDoc HTML Web-Pages, those classes were no longer in the same Java-Package as the staple-classes (such as "JavaDocHTMLFile" and others like "ReflHTML").

    The only two options were to make all of the listed methods, fields and constructors (the ones which are exported by this "portal" - for lack of any other name) the only two options were to have made all of these methods, fields and constructors public or to create this portal class!!

    The reason keeping these things package-private is that once this big Java-Doc Upgrader class is truly finished, "The API" that users see should make sense, and they shouldn't be bothered with internal HTML-Processors and other coding/logic decisions that they aren't supposed to use.

    The stuff "exported" below, are just method-calls and field-references that are used by the sub-packages 'Torello.JavaDoc.HTMLProcessors' and 'Torello.javaDoc.UserConfigReaders' among others. The end user doesn't need to know a thing about any of these.