Interface UserProcessorPage

  • public interface UserProcessorPage
    An interface that may be implemented by a user to execute detailed customizations and modifications to a specific Java-Doc Web Page. This interface should be implemented by a class that has the same name as the class being processed, but ending with a '$'.

    After writing a Java Class which implements this interface, simply copy it to the directory in your file-system that contains the Java CIET/Type - in a sub-directory that has the following name:


    Notice that the name of the this particular class ends with a '$'. The first part of the class' name is being utilized to identify to the Java-Doc Upgrader logic the name of the actual class/CIET/Type that your processor-class is going to process.

    If you had a class named '' that was a Java 'class', and you wanted to write an HTML-Processor to insert several notices into the JavaDoc Page for the BigNumberCruncher type - you would write a user-processor named 'BigNumberCruncher$.java'. You would make sure to leave the processor in the following Java Source-Code Directory:


    The class that you write would implement this interface 'UserProcessorPage'. During the JavaDoc Upgrader phase of your build, the upgrader logic would invoke your user-processor and pass it the relevant HTML Data from the Java-Doc HTML Web-Page that had been created by the Java-Doc Tool to your processor.